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Breastfeeding information meetings

Practical advice to expectants parents about breastfeeding by Kate Nadeau, breastfeeding coach with Allaitement Québec and mother of two.


Community Wellness Center in the Jeffery Hale pavilion (1270 Cemin Ste-Foy, Quebec, Qc G1S 2M4)
Multipurpose Room 1135 on the main floor
Free parking in the Jeffery Hale Hospital parking lot

✓ Learn what to expect as your baby begins nursing
✓ Discover tips to help baby latch on easily
✓ Find the position that’s right for you and baby
✓ Follow baby’s rhythm  and establish your own family routines
✓ Learn what dads can do to support the nursing process
✓ Ensure you know what to do if minor nursing problems arise
✓ Rest assured baby is gaining weight, growing and thriving on breast milk alone

From 7 to 9pm

May 1: Breastfeeding Mythes and Realities
May 31: Mommy’s well-being while breastfeeding
June 26 : Breastfeeding in the summer
Summer pause
Sept 25, Getting ready to breastfeed
Oct 30, Possible pains and injuries during breastfeeding
Nov 27, Breastfeeding and post-partum depression
Dec 11 Breastfeeding and the holidays
Jan 29,Introduction of solids
Feb 26, Breastfeeding mythes and realities
Mar 26, Milk extraction where, when, how
Apr 30, Conciliating breastfeeding and the family + mommys well-being
May 28 Breastfeeding and intamacy
(7 to 9 pm)


Register before May 17 deadline by calling 418 684-5333 ext. 1265

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